Standing on the edge can be an end or a beginning. You choose.
The songs of VORDEMFALL depict a hungry state of mind that doesn’t leave space for compromises. The words stay sharp while the voice shifts from abrasive to seductive throughout the tracks. The tongue of the band is preaching for things to be said, said loud and without filter. Because silence is cancer.
Inspired by large-mouthed singers, Monika Saint-Oktobre believes in words and songs that erupt and leave stains. Vordemfall is a moody outfit that delivers a blend situated on the verge of noise rock and a ritual soundtrack, confronting edgy composition with trance like repetitive patterns. The highly percussive drumming of Markus Sternberg dips into tribal beats and heavy hip hop grooves while the riffs stay frontal and thick. The dialog is intense and sets emotions free in a highly contrasted smoky atmosphere.

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